Antibiotics Policy

We believe in providing people with safe products that they feel confident sharing with family and friends. Pearl Valley Farms produces antibiotic-free egg products under the Phil’s®, and Eggology® brands, and for leading private label customers. The chickens for these these products are raised without any antibiotics to promote growth or for feed efficiency on farms.

Our antibiotic free chickens are grown on our family farm, and contracted farms chosen because of their commitment to raising healthy animals without the use of growth antibiotics. All of our antibiotic-free chickens are raised in accordance with Peal Valley Farms1 Animal Welfare2 standards.

Two Kinds of Antibiotics
  • Medically important antibiotics
  • Non-Medically important antibiotic

We use antibiotics as authorized or prescribed by veterinarians, to control and treat diseases. We do not use medically important antibiotics to promote growth or for feed efficiency.

Our Guiding Principals
  • Control disease. We administer antibiotics to our animals for a limited period of time to reduce the chance of spreading a specific disease following exposure
  • Treat Disease. We administer antibiotics to treat sick animals
Our Commitment

Our robust animal health management program unifies our commitment to humane animal welfare. It maintains judicious use of antibiotics to produce healthy animals and make our food supply safe. The independent animal suppliers we work with are encouraged to judiciously administer all medications as well. Our third-party auditors ensure sound animal care practices and good nutrition, authorize or prescribe vaccines and antibiotics, and are proactive in assessing potential health threats.

1 As used in this policy, the term “Pearl Valley Farm” means Pearl Valley Farms, Inc.
2 As used in this policy, the term “Animal Welfare” refers to the Animal Care Policy