Health & Safety Policy

At Pearl Valley Farms, we remain committed to the safety, health, and well-being of our employees. We strive to lead in occupational safety and health just as we strive to be a leader in responsibly-sourced consumer products, animal welfare practices, and protecting the environment. All Pearl Valley Farms companies are expected to maintain improvements in the management of workplace injury and illness risks.

We further demonstrate this commitment to health and safety through:

  • Identifying hazards, conducting risk assessments, and identifying control measures as well as development of processes and procedures for timely abatement and control of the hazards and risks associated;
  • Maintaining compliance with all federal, state, and local regulatory requirements;
  • Providing appropriate training to ensure awareness of potential hazards and competence in performing specific duties or job tasks in a safe manner;
  • Promoting active participation in safety efforts by all hourly and management employees;
  • Developing measurements and auditing systems to ensure that standards of performance are met and opportunities for improvement are identified;

Maintaining a safe and healthful working environment is the responsibility of all employees. We expect all locations to maintain compliance with company and regulatory health and safety guidelines as well as implementation of other recognized good engineering and safe work practices. Pearl Valley Farms will manage worker health and safety as one of its core values to conducting business.