We take a no-waste approach, even when it comes to waste

Pearl Valley Farms is one of the most environmentally conscious egg farms in the country. Environmental stewardship is an important core value we live every day, which is why we work diligently to achieve full-circle sustainability on our farm.

Our farm is designed to care for the birds throughout every stage of their life, from newborn chicks to growing pullet to an adult hen. When our mature birds are ready to lay, they are moved into the henhouses. These houses are equipped with an advanced belt system that is programmed to bring food to the hens, collect eggs for processing and packaging, and carry away manure to the compost facility.

The cycle of sustainability includes collecting the water from the egg-wash process and treating it in our on-site facility. The excess solids are used to grow organic material for the composting operation. The aerobically-composted, organic fertilizer is used by surrounding farms to grow the crops that are in turn are used to make the high-quality, calcium-enriched diet produced by our very own feed mill.

Through responsible, efficient use of our land and natural resources, we can help reduce the farm’s carbon footprint without compromising the health of our hens and the quality of our eggs.