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Our Brands

It’s not just the way we do business. It’s the way we live.

Get to know our family of brands.

Cultivating nature’s best, from our family to yours.

A common theme runs through all of our retails brands – simplicity, purity and sustainability. From our environmentally responsible farms, we offer the highest quality, freshest products for our customers’ gardens and kitchens — delicious, nutritious egg products and incredibly rich aerobically composted chicken litter fertilizers.

All Retail Brands

Consistent quality and impeccable results

Whether you’re a professional chef or golf course superintendent, your livelihood depends on the products you work with every day. With an emphasis on performance and results, Pearl Valley Farms is committed to providing the highest quality, naturally produced egg products and fertilizers.

All Professional Brands

From the kitchen to the garden

By recognizing the growing concern over product quality and purity in the home and its environment, Pearl Valley Farms is able to bring to market products that meet this desire for more naturally produced goods while still delivering exceptional quality and results.

Shell Eggs

Happy, healthy hens produce better tasting, more nutritious eggs

Liquid Eggs

Minimally processed, incredibly fresh and delicious


Aerobically composted to create rich microbial life and bountiful harvests

Seed Mixes

High quality ingredients to produce a beautiful array of flowers and the lushest lawn possible

Soil Enhancers

Carefully sources organic materials to produce quality, pure and consistent results


High-quality egg products for commercial kitchens and ingredients

Professional Lawn and Garden

Easily absorbed nutrients and increased disease resistance

Fully Sustainable

We take a no-waste approach, even when it comes to waste

We believe in a better way. A way in which everyone wins. By respecting our environment and taking advantage of natural life cycle processes, we’re able to raise healthy, happy egg laying chickens at our family farms and then use their chicken litter to produce rich, life-giving fertilizers that goes on to grow the grains that feed our hens.

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