Dave Thompson's Organic Healthy Grow

Healthy chickens produce healthy fertilizer. The special diet fed to our chickens results in calcium and nutrient-rich litter that is safely and carefully collected. The hearty, low-odor fertilizer is produced through a natural, 45-day aerobic composting process that doesn’t involve artificial heating so we’re able to maintain high levels of beneficial microbial activity. So, when choosing your next bag of fertilizer, remember that “The Way It’s Made Matters™”.

Dave Thompson's Organic Healthy Grow Product

Grow your best garden ever

Sure, our Healthy Grow fertilizers, specialty mixes and soil enhancers are backed by years of research, testing and refinement, but what really sets them apart is what you see when you step into your yard. There’s no mistaking the lush green growth, vibrant blooms or robust fruits and veggies. The proof, as they say, is in the pudding.

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