PHILADELPHIA (June 30, 2016) Dave Thompson’s Organic Healthy Grow®, producer of aerobically composted organic fertilizer, and Primex Garden Center have teamed up to donate 500 lbs. of Healthy Grow fertilizer to Urbanstead, an urban farm located in Philadelphia. The nutrients and beneficial microbes that Healthy Grow provides will help Urbanstead achieve a more bountiful harvest.

Urbanstead has been growing fruits, vegetables and herbs while providing Philadelphia youth with opportunities to learn more about gardening and healthy eating since 2013. In addition to growing sustainable, all natural food, Urbanstead provides gardening workshops for schools and runs a produce stand where the community can purchase items grown at the farm.

The organization’s focus on organic growing practices, sustainability, and serving the community fits perfectly with the mission of Healthy Grow, which is made from aerobically composted litter of healthy, egg-laying chickens at the fully sustainable Thompson family farm in Pearl City, Ill. Healthy Grow fertilizers are available at Primex Garden Center.

David Green, owner of Primex Garden Center, said, “Healthy Grow and Primex Garden Center are two businesses that care deeply about organic gardening. We also believe in growing more than gardens; we want to grow healthy, strong communities. This partnership with Urbanstead and Healthy Grow will go a long way towards achieving that mission.”

“Today’s donation is part of our national campaign to highlight groups and organizations that enrich communities. Healthy Grow is a committed partner in supporting vibrant community programs,” said Mitch Cooper, director of marketing, Healthy Grow.

This donation will provide the youth that Urbanstead serves with all natural nutrients to help them grow strong and healthy crops.

Lisa Gaidanowicz, executive director and founder of Urbanstead, explained, “Urbanstead has a commitment to healthy food, healthy people and a healthy community. We believe that by working with today’s youth we are planting the seeds to grow a better tomorrow.”

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About Dave Thompson’s Organic Healthy Grow®

Dave Thompson’s Organic Healthy Grow® maintains a full line of organic, compost-based fertilizers, soil enhancers, and specialty mixes that create a nutrient-rich soil with beneficial microbial activity, naturally high levels of nitrogen, and other beneficial secondary nutrients, such as calcium and phosphorus, which are important to plant growth. Nothing artificial is added and the compost is never artificially heated. This is important to Dave, because for him, “The Way It’s Made Matters™”. To learn more about Healthy Grow, please visit

About Pearl Valley Farms

Pearl Valley Farms is a global food and lawn & garden company, specializing in organic and specialty products. In the United States, the company is a leader in numerous specialty egg categories with popular brands including Phil’s Fresh Eggs®, Eggology®, Pearl Valley Eggs®, Pearl Valley Specialty Eggs®, and a leader in retail and professional fertilizer products, with brands including Dave Thompson’s Organic Healthy Grow®, Healthy Grow® Pro, Coop Poop®, and Pure Green®. Today, Pearl Valley Farms is committed to providing nutritious, great-tasting food and nutrient-dense fertilizers in a responsible way, maintaining robust animal care, community involvement, employee safety, environmental and food safety, and quality programs. To learn more about Pearl Valley Farms, please visit

About Primex Garden Center

Primex Garden Center is a family owned independent garden center, nursery and greenhouse located in Glenside serving the Philadelphia area since 1943. We have a passion for horticulture plain and simple. Our staff is comprised of PA Master Gardeners, urban farmers, arborists, and seasoned gardening gurus. We invite you to come see our wide selection of plants and gardening accessories and to share our knowledge with you. Primex is proud to continue to work with educational institutions, horticultural organizations and community gardens throughout the region.

About Urbanstead

Urbanstead believes that anyone who wants fresh food should have access to it at little to no cost regardless of location, income, gender, and culture. We believe that by uniting our community, we can achieve food security. Our organization encourages healthier lifestyles by providing access to healthy local food as well as empowering young people to develop leadership skills and explore career opportunities, while creating a safe environment for them to work and play. For more information, visit