Key Details

  • New brand identity based on extensive consumer and market research
  • New logo, website, packaging, and social channels included in rebrand
  • Efforts better align with target audience and improve retail mobilization

CANOGA PARK, Ca. (August 3, 2016) – Eggology®, the maker of premium-quality, fresh liquid egg whites, announces the unveiling of a complete brand re-launch effort that better aligns the company with its core audience of athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

Included in the rebranding effort are a new logo, website, packaging, social media channels, marketing partnerships and more. The launch of the new brand identity is the result of more than seven months of qualitative and quantitative research, testing, and design work.

“Since its initial launch in 1993, Eggology has been a brand with very strong ties to the bodybuilding and fitness communities,” explained Marketing Director Mitch Cooper. “Over the years, our audience shifted, but the brand remained static. This effort helps to realign Eggology with our core audience, their interests, and lifestyles.”

The cornerstone of the rebranding effort is the new Eggology logo — a stylized letter “E” composed of an egg, a droplet of liquid egg whites and a spoon. “The Eggology logo is the strongest component of our brand and forms the core of our community,” Cooper said. “The new, iconic Eggology ‘E’ will become integrated in the brand identity through marketing and communications materials, packaging, sales initiatives, and everywhere else Eggology can be found.”

Beginning in September, Eggology products will now be sold in more convenient gable-top boxes instead of wide-mouth plastic jars, a change made possible by the company’s investment in state-of-the-art egg separation, pasteurization, and fulfillment technologies. The new packaging carries through the new look of the brand with striking colors and imagery, interesting facts about Eggology egg whites, and helpful recipe and meal preparation tips.

The online presence of the brand has also been updated with a new website and enhanced e-commerce functionalities, as well as adding Facebook, and Instagram channels. These online outlets provide continuity with the new brand look and offer a range of nutrition and fitness information to help consumers better reach their fitness and athletic goals through the use of Eggology products.

To further extend this brand re-launch, Eggology has developed strategic alliances with respected fitness partners, CrossFit, Inc. and Jeanette Jenkins – The Hollywood Trainer. "CrossFit and Jeanette Jenkins are two of the most respected players in the fitness industry," Cooper added. "Their fan-bases are extremely passionate, and we felt these partnerships were a natural fit with Eggology's commitment to athletes and fitness enthusiasts."

Cooper noted that the new brand identity will also improve the in-store experience for consumers and retailers alike. “This redesign will not only make it easier for consumers to identify Eggology products at their local grocery store, it will also allow for easier authorization and planogram planning for our trusted Retail partners.”

Eggology is a brand of Pearl Vally Farms.

About Eggology

Founded in 1993, Eggology® is a North American leader in liquid egg white products, with distribution spanning retail stores and online outlets through a variety of health- and fitness-oriented websites. The company was the first to introduce organic egg whites to the market. Eggology also developed a unique pasteurization process that allows its egg whites to maintain their peaks when whipped, making them ideal for both gourmet chefs and athletes alike. Eggology egg whites are produced by Eggology Foods, LLC, a California-based division of Pearl Valley Farms. To learn more about Eggology please visit

About Pearl Valley Farms

Pearl Valley Farms is a global food and lawn & garden company, specializing in organic and specialty products. In the United States, the company is a leader in numerous specialty egg categories with popular brands including Phil’s Fresh Eggs®, Eggology®, Pearl Valley Eggs®, Pearl Valley Specialty Eggs®, and a leader in retail and professional fertilizer products, with brands including Dave Thompson’s Organic Healthy Grow®, Healthy Grow® Pro, Coop Poop®, and Pure Green®. Today, Pearl Valley Farms is committed to providing nutritious, great-tasting food and nutrient-dense fertilizers in a responsible way, maintaining robust animal care, community involvement, employee safety, environmental and food safety, and quality programs. To learn more about Pearl Valley Farms, please visit

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